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The Oink Cafe in Phoenix

Tasty bacon at very theme-focused The Oink Cafe in Phoenix!

Bacon Nation Survey

I’m writing an article about the best (or most interesting) bacon-related food or drink in every state. Let me know your nominations!

Dreymiller and Kray Bacon

I was greeted by a delightful package on my doorstep upon arriving at home last Friday. Nearly four pounds of Dreymiller & Kray bacon were waiting for me, a package each of pepper bacon, hickory smoked bacon, applewood smoked bacon, and, the flavor I was most eager to try, Goose Island Matilda Beer Bacon.

Good bacon should be shared with friends, and as luck would have it I was playing in a curling tournament over the weekend. After winning our Saturday game, we learned that we would be playing again at 7:30 am on Sunday. So on Saturday night, I cooked up the 4 packages of bacon for distribution to the next morning’s players (I baked it in the oven at 350 degrees for 13 minutes).

Not surprisingly, all the bacon was consumed quickly after arriving at the club. The pepper bacon seemed to be the most popular as it disappeared the fastest, but all 4 flavors were enjoyed by all. I was particularly intrigued by the beer bacon which I had never tried before. Beer is actually used during the curing process, and while subtle, you can definitely smell and taste a distinct beer flavor in this bacon. It gave the bacon a slightly sweeter taste, at least according to my palate, and it was an interesting and delicious flavor twist. While I enjoyed the other 3 flavors as well, the beer bacon was definitely my favorite.

Visit the Dreymiller & Kray website to learn more.

Make plans to attend the 2015 Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival!

Tickets for the 8th Annual Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival – “Baconmania VIII, The Greatest Bacon Event of All Time!” – will be sold online through a link at on 12/13/14 beginning at 12:13:14 p.m. The event will be held at the Iowa Events Center on Saturday, January 31, 2015.

Kiva: Buscia’s Bacon Buns

I love supporting bacon-related start-ups! Check out Buscia’s Bacon Buns.

Decoding the ‘Bacon Trend’

In interviews about my blog/book, 2 of the questions I get asked the most are: 1) When/why did the recent bacon trend start? 2) Is ‘baconmania’ ever going to end? This Businessweek article does a better job of breaking it down than any other article that has attempted to decode the ‘bacon trend’ in the past couple years. And the “publishers handed out bacon book deals” line made me LOL.

International Bacon Day 2014

Happy #InternationalBaconDay. Get out there and do bacon proud today. (at Downtown Phoenix Public Market)

The Bacontarian at Oven and Vine in Phoenix

The Bacontarian sandwich at Oven and Vine in Phoenix: generous bacon, greens, vine ripe tomatoes, and zesty jalapeño remoulade.

Kudu and Bacon Pate in Joburg

Pâté, South Africa style: kudu, brandied prunes, pistachio nuts, bacon (at Neighbourgoods Market Johannesburg).

Bacon on Safari

Breakfast bacon on safari is pretty much the best way to enjoy bacon (at Thakadu River Camp, Madikwe Game Reserve, South Africa).