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See the Bacon Explosion in action

Kiwi Bacon

I love this commercial – vegetarians can’t resist bacon!

Still the happiest song ever

I’ve posted about this before, but this video about pork from Weebl’s is still one of my all-time favorite bacon related things ever created on the interweb. Whenever I need a ‘pick me up’, I put this video on a loop for a few minutes. It’s a guaranteed mood lifter and it’s the only tune I don’t mind having stuck in my head for 3 days.

Sing along!
Pork! It’s the meat of kings!
It’s made from pig, try it with onion rings.
Pork sure goes with everything, cause it’s made from swine, and swine sure tastes fine.
Just bring some to the picnic baby,
You know you wanna stuff it in my hamper.
But please put it in some tupperware
‘Cause I don’t wanna be a porky chancer.
Let’s talk about pork.
Converse about meat.
Veggies get wedgies cause meat can’t be beat!
Ham and bacon, you should taste them.
I know it’s surprising but it’s so appetizing!

Makin' Bacon, Alton Brown Style

For a “Scrap Iron Chef” version of the Food Network show Good Eats, Alton Brown demonstrates that makin’ bacon is not only easy, but fun (thanks to reader Greg for the tip).

(the episode is broken up into two videos)

Drew Carey takes on the L.A. Food Police

Drew Carey recently did some investigative reporting for the Reason Foundation about the ongoing controversy over bacon hot dogs being sold on the streets of Los Angeles.

“Amid the hustle and bustle of downtown Los Angeles, there exists another world, an underground world of illicit trade in—not drugs or sex—but bacon-wrapped hot dogs.”

The video features an interview with Terrence Powell of the Los Angeles County Health Department who makes a very weak attempt at explaining why bacon hot dogs are illegal. Powell and his food police cohorts are a fine example of the problem with over-regulation of an industry. Powell claims that bacon is a potentially hazardous food…as if hot dogs potentially aren’t?!?

Carey and street vendor Elizabeth Palacios sum it up best by saying that the customers “just want the bacon.”

(sorry if the video causes this page to load slowly for you)

Hey Ladies…Guys LOVE Bacon!

Paris Hilton Video

Get your mind out of the gutter – no Paris Hilton sex video here, kiddies. This is a video of the infamous heiress frying bacon.

My Name is Earl returned to the airwaves last night with a cameo appearance by Paris. In this episode, Earl is in a coma and his friends try waking him up by waving a piece of bacon in front of his face. But in Earl’s corresponding coma-induced dream, he imagines Paris frying bacon for him.

Baconvision: How It’s Made – Bacon

Check out this “How It’s Made” video about the process for making pre-cooked bacon. Even though I don’t enjoy eating pre-cooked bacon, the video is quite fascinating. I never would have guessed that a metal detector is part of the process…

Stand by your ham

According to the National Pig Association (NPA) in the UK, the British pig industry is currently facing a crisis. Increases in feed prices caused by rising world wheat prices has many British hog farmers selling their pigs at a loss.

But leave it to the British to find a humorous way to address this serious issue.

“Pig farmers from across the county have recorded a single as part of the campaign to raise awareness of their fight for fairer prices for their pigs. Stand by your Ham is based on the Tammy Wynette 1968 classic Stand by your Man and was recorded in a London studio by a group of 30 farmers. “

“We’re asking people to show their support for farmers by looking for the Quality Standard Mark on pork, bacon, ham and sausages. This helps support farmers who produce to higher standards of welfare.”

You can listen to the song by clicking here. You can watch the video by clicking here. And anyone wishing to register their support can sign an online petition by clicking here. The song lyrics are below.

Enjoy this porcine-inspired entertainment and show your support for bacon!

(Thanks to reader, Greg, for the tip.)

Right now it’s hard to make a living
Rearing all your pigs for pork and ham
Supermarkets make all the money
We don’t make any money
And that’s quite hard to understand

But if they gave us a little more money
Gave us farmers, a fairer share.
Coz we take good care of our pigs
We’re so proud of them
To us they’re more than pork and ham

Stand by your ham.
Sau-sa-ges, Pork And Bacon
Help us to stay in business
Because, our pigs, are worth it.
Stand by your ham.
Sau-sa-ges, Pork And Bacon
Keep givin’ all the help you can
Stand by your ham

So if you love your British breakfast
The crackling on your Sunday roast
Keep asking for local produce
We work hard to bring it to you
Look for our Mark on pork and ham

Stand by your ham.
Sau-sa-ges, Pork And Bacon
Help us to stay in business
Because, our pigs, are worth it.
Stand by your ham.
Sau-sa-ges, Pork And Bacon
Look for the Mark whenever you can
Stand by your ham

Stand by your ham.
Sau-sa-ges, Pork And Bacon
Look for the Mark whenever you can
Stand by your ham

McCain hearts pigs

While watching the evening news, I miraculously managed to capture this 2 second video of John McCain hugging someone dressed in a pig costume on a campaign stop (it was miraculous because I captured it while watching the CBS Evening News, which I never watch because the sound of Katie Couric’s voice makes me want to claw my eardrums out).

Any questions we might have had about John McCain’s position on bacon have probably been answered!