Bacon Cookies, Pastries, Jerky and Dog Treats…Forever

Posted by: on February 6, 2011

I was recently introduced to the fine folks over at Bacon Forever who have carved themselves a little piece of the Bacon Empire by producing a unique line of bacon-themed products that includes bacon jerky, bacon & chocolate, bacon pastries, bacon cookies, bacon clothing AND don’t forget Fido…bacon dog treats.

It seems like every time I hear about another company with a new bacon-related product, it usually ends up being something that someone else has already tried. But the products Bacon Forever produces have a unique focus in the otherwise noisy world of baconmania.

Click here to check ‘em out!


  1. Chris says:

    Thanks Heather!! – Chris @ Bacon Forever

  2. We make Chocolate Covered Bacon at our store and it sells like hot cakes! Love it!

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