The Shiksa

Posted by: on December 19, 2011

“The brownie you can take home to mom, or take home to bed.”

When I was contacted by Leigh, proprietor of Naughty Bits Brownies, about tasting her “Shiksa” bacon-toffee brownie, I snortled and immediately responded YES.

So freaking clever.

And so freaking delicious.

Pulling off a packaged brownie that retains its unique flavors and moist texture is not an easy thing to do. Whenever someone offers me a brownie in a wrapper, I’m always skeptical and usually disappointed.

Not with the Shiksa. This is one of the best brownies I’ve had in a long time. The scent and taste of bacon were present, but the bits were just the right size so as not to be a turn-off, which is where most other bacon desserts fail (tasting the bacon in the brownie, good; eating a big chunk of bacon in the brownie, not good). In addition to the maple-smoked bacon, the brownies are also sprinkled with toffee bits. Oy vey, these brownies truly are an evil temptation. And once again, I can’t over-emphasize how impressed I am with how Leigh has created a delicious flavor combination that also has good moisture and chewiness, which can be hard to do with a packaged brownie.

I’m really not blowing smoke or over-exaggerating just because bacon is involved; these brownies are downright good. I would confidently give them to friends as a gift, particularly those who would chuckle at the name of this brownie like I did (and especially for some of my Jewish friends who regularly break the rules for bacon – you know who you are).

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    Since you all like bacon so much, you might like this video me and some friends made while trying to create a bacon weave.

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