What’s Trending: The love for bacon lingers on…and on

Posted by: on February 15, 2013

Yesterday, I recorded a short video for a segment on the TV show, The List, to address the issue of whether or not bacon is a dying “trend.” Watch my video response above or view their full segment here!


  1. Annette Rinehart says:

    Just recently found a picture and recipe for Bacon Rose Bouquet for Valentines day.
    The recipie is by Brianne Rivlin and I found it on BT Bacon Today. I am going to make this, but I am thinking of carmelizing the bacon so they will have a touch of sweetness too.
    I just got your book and I love it. Anything BACON causes TBO’s (Taste Bud Orgasams)!
    Good luck in all things bacon.

    Annette Rinehart

  2. Heather Lauer says:

    Caramelizing the bacon roses is an EXCELLENT idea! TBO – love it, thanks for the comment!

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