Beach and BBQ

I’m at a friend’s house in Bethany Beach, Delaware this weekend. With evening temperatures still dipping into the 60s, and a nice cool breeze coming off the ocean, we decided to spend the evening on the patio. And we did Bitch and BBQ for dinner.


My friend lived in Hawaii for a period of time a few years ago, so we decided to make Hawaiian burgers. And she is originally from Canada, so our bacon of choice was Canadian bacon.


We fired up her charcoal grill. Once the flames had died down, we grilled the hamburgers (with the lid on but the vent open) for 5 minutes on one side. When we flipped them over, we also put the Canadian bacon on the grill. After another 5 minutes, we added pineapple slices, turned the pieces of Canadian bacon over, and added swiss cheese to the burgers. We served them on grilled hamburger buns with Jack Daniels BBQ sauce.


Fortunately the liquor store we stopped at on the way to the beach sells Bitch, so we were able to purchase a couple bottles to get us through the weekend.



The Hawaiian burgers were delicious and a nice addition to a relaxing weekend at the beach. Aloha, eh.

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