Bacon so good it doesn’t need a name

Posted by: on September 30, 2009

You’ve probably heard about the bacon and chocolate bust of Conan O’Brien that made an appearance on the Tonight Show several weeks ago. If for some reason you were in a coma, here it is again:

The creative minds behind this culinary behemoth hail from a company called “No Name” – a family-owned purveyor of meat products based in Minnesota. When not carving chocolate busts with hair made from bacon, No Name actually sells a variety of meat products including – you guessed it – bacon.
Yes, you too can eat Conan O’Brien’s hair.
After their creation appeared on the Tonight Show, I exchanged a few Tweets with the company and before I knew it, 6 pounds of their bacon had arrived at my front door. Usually when companies send me samples, I get one – maybe two – pounds of bacon at the most. When I received 6 pounds from No Name, I knew these guys were serious – and that I had some serious eating ahead of me.
The bacon actually arrived one day before I had to leave town for a week-long work trip. One of my friends stayed at my house while I was gone to dog-sit. I told him he could have whatever was in the refrigerator, not thinking about the fact that the 6 pounds of No Name bacon was in there. And he apparently wasted no time indulging because 3 pounds were gone when I got home. Clearly he liked the No Name bacon!
A few days ago I finally got around to trying the bacon myself. This is a very traditional, thick cut, hickory smoked bacon – my house had that lovely hickory scent over 24 hours later. It reminds me of the kind of good, solid bacon you would get from behind a butcher counter at your local grocery store – traditional cure, traditional smoke, traditional cut – everything we know and expect when we fry up some bacon for breakfast.
If you want to try it yourself, click here to visit the No Name website. You can order online. Bacon up, my friends.

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