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Buscia’s Bacon Buns

Our halftime snack during the Super Bowl this past weekend were Buscia’s Bacon Buns.


Available from Buscia’s in 3 flavors – original bacon, cheddar bacon, and maple bacon – they are shipped frozen to you. All you have to do is thaw, bake and enjoy.


The mastermind behind Buscia’s bacon buns is Sarah Starewicz, who grew up eating bacon buns made by her Polish grandmother. After baking and selling them at markets and festivals, Sarah decided to start a full time business dedicated to this Eastern European delicacy. As a bonus, Buscia’s donates 5% of net sales to Food Bank for New York City.


You don’t need a Polish grandmother – or even cooking skills – to enjoy Buscia’s Bacon Buns. Just pop them in the oven, and after 35 minutes the buns will be ready for your enjoyment!

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