Bacon: A Love Story: The Mini-Documentary

Posted by: on May 29, 2013

I recently collaborated with LA-based videographer, Brian Gordon, on a project for a contest sponsored by Hormel. Bacon: A Love Story – the mini-documentary – features myself, Justin Beckett of Beckett’s Table and Jason Corman of The Pork Shop. You can watch this meaty masterpiece below or by clicking here!

Oberto Bacon Jerky

Posted by: on May 27, 2013

A proper summer road trip includes jerky as a snack (at least it does in my world). And now my friends and family can join me in combining love of road trip jerky and love of bacon with Bacon Jerky by Oberto made from 100% real strips of Applewood smoked bacon. In addition to being a good snack item on its own, Bacon Jerky would also be tasty on a sandwich or as bits sprinkled on a salad.

Bacon Soda by Lester’s Fixins

Posted by: on May 27, 2013

Summer is upon us. You may be considering what beverage to drink as you spend an afternoon relaxing on the patio. You may also have bacon on your mind (as usual). And that’s where Bacon Soda by Lester’s Fixins enters the picture. All you need is a bottle opener – no frying pan or messy clean up required.

Heritage Foods USA: Old Spot Bacon

Posted by: on May 27, 2013

Having easy access to affordable bacon is important to Americans, but it’s also increasingly important to know where our bacon comes from. I’ve tasted many different brands in my lifetime, but as much as possible I try to support small producers (and find that’s where the best bacon comes from anyway).

Heritage Foods USA was founded in 2001 as an arm of Slow Food USA, a non-profit organization established to “counter the rise of fast food, the disappearance of local food traditions and people’s dwindling interest in the food they eat, where it comes from, and how our food choices affect the rest of the world.”

Heritage works directly with 40 family farmers and processes 200 pigs per week. All of their cuts come from humanely raised, heritage breed pigs.

I recently tasted their Maple Sugar Cured Gloucestershire Old Spot Bacon, and it’s one of the best I’ve ever had. The fat marbling in this bacon is so sweet and milky, and this is a bacon I would definitely bake instead of frying so that with each bite you get a good mix of fat and lean. If you get a chance to try it and decide you like their bacon as much as I do, Heritage offers a Bacon Subscription to guarantee you’ll receive 3 pounds of their bacon every two months.

Surround yourself with the scent of bacon, 24/7

Posted by: on May 27, 2013

One of the challenges of being a bacon fanatic is filling the gaps between meals with our beloved meat. But thanks to Yankee Candles, there’s finally a solution to this problem. Light up the “Mmm, Bacon!” candle and surround yourself with that smoky scent all day and night. “But I can’t light a candle in my car,” you ask? Or “what about when I’m at the office?” Then carry the “Mmm, Bacon” air freshener with you at all times and spread the love, no matter where you are.

Bacon Flight at Cheeky’s Palm Springs

Posted by: on May 26, 2013

The bacon flight at Cheeky’s in Palm Springs featuring bacon by Nodine’s and Beeler’s. The flavors were applewood smoked, apple cinnamon, black pepper, Thai sweet chile, and jalapeno. It was all delicious but the Thai sweet chile was my favorite.

Where to eat (bacon) in Phoenix

Posted by: on May 18, 2013

I recently recorded an interview with the Mystery Meet Podcast hosted by Seth Resler to talk about the dining scene in Phoenix. In addition to talking about all the great new restaurants that have opened in Central Phoenix in the past several years, we also discussed the trend of chefs working more closely with local farmers and food producers to build and support our local food economy. Not surprisingly, bacon was also a consistent theme throughout the interview and one of many reasons why I recommend Beckett’s Table as a not-to-miss restaurant in Phoenix. Click here to listen!

Coming Soon: Bacon, the mini-documentary

Posted by: on May 17, 2013

I spent the last couple days filming a mini-documentary about bacon at locations around Phoenix. As part of the story, we sampled Chocolate Dipped Bacon S’mores from Beckett’s Table. Such a tough assignment…

Bone In Pork Belly at Blue Hound in Phoenix

Posted by: on May 14, 2013

Bone-In Pork Belly (the only one served in Arizona) at Blue Hound Kitchen & Cocktails in Phoenix.

Pork Belly Sliders at Blue Hound in Phoenix

Posted by: on May 2, 2013

Pork belly sliders with kim chi and peanuts on King’s Hawaiian bread at Blue Hound Kitchen & Cocktails in Phoenix.