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In the News


Following is an ongoing list of places where BaconUnwrapped.com and Bacon: A Love Story have been mentioned in the news. Reporters love bacon, too.


Is there a bacon shortage in the US? No, there isn’t. – DailyMail.com, 2/1/17
Home Plates: Candied bacon nirvana – San Jose Mercury News, 5/20/15
The Best Bacon-related Dishes, Drinks and More in All 50 States – MapQuest, 2/3/15
Heather Lauer on BACON – Living Your Passion Podcast, 9/9/14
It’s National Bacon Day: Here’s how to celebrate – PennLive.com, 8/30/14
The Bacon Podcast – @TheBaconPodcast, 3/24/14
What’s the Difference Between Canadian Bacon (or Irish, or English) and American? – thekitchn.com, 3/7/14
The Bacon Issue – Food Network Magazine, 03/01/14
Bacon Inspires Loyalty in Sacramento This Week – The Sacramento Bee, 1/20/14
Where to Eat in Phoenix: Beckett’s Table – Mystery Meet Podcast, 5/16/13
What’s Trending: The love for bacon lingers on…and on – The List, 2/15/13
Love Stories from Alumni Authors – Georgetown Alumni Online, 2/14/13
Is bacon overdone? – dmjuice.com, 2/5/13
Will the world have a Bacon-Apocalypse? Baconholics reveal all – Voice of Russia, 11/21/12
How bacon became such a crazy social media meme – Storify.com, 9/27/12
How Free Markets Could Save Your Bacon – National Post, 9/26/12
Time to Panic? Predictions of a Coming Bacon Shortage! – CNBC.com, 9/25/12
Bacon Around the World: Speck-en Zee Bacon? – CNBC.com, 6/18/12
Bacon Tourism: From the Davos of Bacon to Bacon Mecca – CNBC.com, 5/24/12
Relax, America, the Bacon Crisis Has Passed – CNBC.com, 4/25/12
Hog Wild: The Great Bacon Crime Spree of 2011 – CNBC.com, 9/26/11
The Crisis We Should Be Panicking About: Bacon Prices – CNBC.com, 7/1/11
Bacon’s popularity rises due to spread through social media – The Paly Voice, 6/1/11
Pigging out: Boiseans still are celebrating their love of bacon – Idaho Statesman, 5/18/11
Edible books stir hunger for literature – DENNews.com, 4/12/11
Brazen Bacon: Why We May Need A Bacon Intervention – WFAEats, 3/29/11
Bacon, We Have a Problem: An Infographic History of Everyone’s Favorite Breakfast Meat – Seattle Weekly, 1/31/11
Bacon Gifts – The Daily Beast, 12/20/10
Q&A: Heather Lauer on the “best meat ever” – Northwestern Disclosure, 12/9/2010
Gifts for bacon lovers – Bing Shopping, 12/9/10
All Things Bacon Sizzled At NYC’s Bacon-Palooza – NPR, 10/18/10
The Bacon Backlash – WSJ.com, 10/2/10
Sweet, salty, delicious? It must be bacon. – Magic Valley Times-News, 09/15/10
Bacon recipes – Magic Valley Times-News, 09/15/10
Fry Me, Bake Me, Love  Me: Bacon Mania Sweeps the Nation – Ai Insite, 8/20/10
Bacon & Economy: The Bacon Indicator: What Sizzling Prices Say About the Economy – CNBC.com, 8/16/10
All About the Bacon at Smeeks
– Phoenix New Times “Chow Bella”, 3/30/10
Lore of Bacon Festival sizzles as national fans catch a whiff – Des Moines Register, 02/27/10
Contenders line up for oddest title book prize – Guardian UK, 02/05/10
High on the Hog – Tablet Magazine, 02/05/10
Eat the Web: Eight Food Blogs Worth a ReadGuy Gourmet on MensHealth.com, 01/15/10
Restaurants and Retail Lead Bacon Bonanza – Pork Magazine, 01/13/10
Bacon Gets Its Just Desserts – NPR, 12/01/09
Bacon reaches new heights of popularity – Chicago Tribune, 10/28/09
Porky perfection – CanWest News Service, 10/22/09
Bacon crazy – The Post and Courier, 10/14/09
Chicago’s Baconfest… – Digital City, 10/05/09
Savory, Salty Food of the Masses – Open Book with Diana Page Jordan, 09/28/09
“Best of Phoenix” Best Bacon Lady – Phoenix New Times, 09/24/09
Bacon tour your chance to pig out – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 09/24/09
Speck is a smokin’ variation of proscuitto – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 09/23/09
Bacon is the New Black – My Foodservice News, 09/09
Trend Watch: Hog Wild for Bacon – Delta Sky Magazine, 09/09
KTRV Fox 12 – Fox 12 This Morning, 09/15/09
Five obvious food facts – Rabble.ca, 08/20/09
The New Art of Living Magazine Show with Olivia Wilder – Blog Talk Radio, 08/14/09
Bringing home the bacon – Akron Beacon Journal, 08/12/09
Bacon Queen Heather Lauer at Changing Hands Tonight – Chow Bella, 08/11/09
‘Bacon’ author to speak at Changing Hands tonight – East Valley Tribune “The Dish”, 08/11/09
Heather “Bacon Lady” Lauer – Phoenix New Times, 08/07/09
KTRV Fox 12 – 9 pm News, 08/01/09
Mr. Bacon Pants and the Devoted Bacon Nation – Pop City, 07/15/09
Nampa Bacon Tour features products, including Bakon vodka made from Idaho potatoes – DIY Diva @ Idaho Press Tribune, 07/01/09
Wrapped up in bacon – San Diego Union Tribune, 06/17/09
Chewing the fat with Phoenix author of meaty blog, book – The Arizona Republic, 06/09/09
Bacon: A Love Story – New Jersey Life Magazine, 06/08/09
Bacon Bites: Briefcases, bourbon and more – all made with bacon – LA Times Daily Dish, 06/04/09
Bacon blogger takes obsession on sizzling tour – AZCentral.com, 06/03/09
Blue Ribbon Bacon Tour – Phoenix New Times, 06/04/09
Wine Me: Annual Summer Reading List for Foodies – Sea Coast Online, 06/03/09
Bacon blogger takes obsession on sizzling tour – The Arizona Republic, 06/02/09
Bacon: A Love Story drove me to Hog Heaven – DIY Diva @ Idaho Press Tribune, 06/01/09
Blue Ribbon Bacon Tour – Phoenix Metromix, 06/01/09
Good Morning Arizona – Channel 3 TV – Phoenix, 05/31/09
Morning Living – Martha Stewart Living Radio, 05/28/09
High on the Hog – Phoenix New Times, 05/28/09
Between the Lines: Great reads for Father’s Day – Sacramento Bee, 05/25/09
Julie Powell review (BOO) – The Daily Beast, 05/15/09
KQ Trainwreck with Scott and Tony – 95 KQDS in Duluth, MN, 05/14/09
For the love of bacon – ABC News Now, 05/14/09
Mornings with Ray Dunaway – WTIC News/Talk 1080, 05/12/09
Center-Cut Cute – Slashfood, 05/12/09
Books to help turn pages of summer – AZCentral.com, 05/11/09
Web Exclusive Reviews: Week of 5/11/2009 – Publishers Weekly, 05/11/09
To bacon, with lots and lots and lots of love – The Shelf Life (Memphis Commercial Appeal), 05/06/09
Swine Flu Myths – CNBC.com, 04/29/09
Bacon – The Meat Show, 04/27/09
Interview with Tom Simplot on PHX11 – 04/10/09
Bacon Whoopee! – NY Post, 03/25/09
Bacon Nation – Baltimore Sun, 03/25/09
Bacon Crazy! – CantonRep.com, 01/20/09
Bacon, it’s not just for breakfast anymore – MN Public Radio, 11/28/08
Americans are going hog wild… – St. Paul Pioneer Press, 11/06/08
Bacon Mania – Salon.com, 07/06/08
Crispy on the Outside Podcast, 06/04/08
Bacon’s so popular, they’re putting it in chocolate chip cookies – DallasNews.com, 04/16/08
Debating Bacon – Kim O’Donnel on WashingtonPost.com, 01/10/08
Make It Your New Year Of The Pig – Playboy.com, 12/21/07
Breakfast Beat: Bring on the Bacon – Restaurants & Institutions Magazine, 11/14/07
Site with Sizzle – Read Express, 10/30/07
Talking About Pitchfork Fondue – Cork and Knife, 10/12/07
Mr. Bacon Pants on WGN Radio, 09/09/07
Bringing Home the Bacon – Cork and Knife, 08/27/07
Internet Bacon – Mental Floss Magazine, 06/12/07
Sweet Bacon Deserts – City Food Magazine (Vancouver), 12/12/06
Bacon from A to Z – Chicago Sun-Times, 10/04/06
Tempura Bacon – David Greggory Restau-Lounge, 08/09/06
It’s all about the bacon – Blogebrity.com, 11/18/05



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