Culinary Genius

Chandler Goff, owner of Mulligan’s in Decatur, GA, was recently on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno to share his gift to human civilization – “The Hamdog.”   The Hamdog is “a hot dog padded with sliced cheese and a half pound of hamburger, dropped in the deep fryer, bedded […]

Bryndzové Halusky

We didn’t have time to eat a meal during our stop in Bratislava, and apparently that was a mistake. Here’s a recipe for a typical Slovakian food called Bryndzové Halusky.   Ingredients (serves 6) – 1 kg of potatoes – 200 g of flour – 2 eggs – 250 g […]

Ensenada Bacon

I have no idea what a Mexican ‘bacon dog’ is, and unfortunately this little shack was never open so I couldn’t find out, but I’m sure it’s muy bien.

Je’adore lard

I’m in Brussels, it’s 3:00 am and I can’t sleep. So in honor of the recent death of the EU Constitution, following are translations for “bacon” in the official languages of the EU. This week I will have the opportunity to eat lard, speck, szalonna and slanina.   Vote for […]