1. Disbelief: The first time you see it on the shelf at the grocery store, it’s hard to believe such an instantly gratifying thing could exist.


2. Intrigue: After a few minutes of examining the box in order to understand what’s going on, you decide it’s worth spending the $2 to further investigate.


3. Anticipation: As you take the bacon out of the box and place it on a plate to be microwaved, you suddenly realize that you are only 20 seconds away from being able to taste it.


4. Pleasure: After much skepticism about the quality and flavor of bacon that doesn’t need to be refrigerated and only takes 20 seconds to cook, you are pleasantly surprised at how good it tastes.


5. Contemplation: Once you are done eating the 3 (or 12) slices of Oscar Meyer Ready to Serve Bacon, you begin to imagine all the different ways in which it can be served. It’s no substitute for hickory smoked bacon cooked on a griddle, but it’s definitely good enough for a quick BLT at lunch or a bacon, egg and cheese burrito on your way out the door for work.