Earlier today while standing in line for customs in Tokyo, I noticed a Chinese kid wearing a “Pork Chop and Friends” t-shirt (I was in line for an hour…I had a lot of time to notice a lot of things). I had never heard of “Pork Chop and Friends” before, so I decided it was worth investigating. What I’ve learned is that it is a line of children’s products in Hong Kong (clothing, toys, etc)…or rather was a line of products in HK. The company recently went out of business.


My research also yielded some other interesting information. Apparently the term “pork chop” when translated into Cantonese is a slang word in HK for “ugly girl.” It didn’t take a lot of creativity to come up with that one. But apparently there is also an entire film focused on this particular slang term (along with other HK slang).


So at least my time at customs provided some entertainment. Not so entertaining is the cyclone that is currently headed for Tokyo that is supposed to arrive around the time my flight is scheduled to leave tomorrow. Oh well…time to go find some sushi!