Bacon is one of the most under-rated toppings when it comes to pizza. Most pizza restaurants offer some sort of bacon topping – whether it’s regular bacon or Canadian bacon – but pepperoni or sausage usually get top billing.


So I decided to do some research on bacon-based pizzas. Below are several different concoctions I discovered.


Canadian Bacon with Pineapple: Always a crowd pleaser.


Bean & Bacon Pizza: Pizza with a southern accent.


Santa Fe Bacon Pizza: Pizza with a southwestern twist.


Sauerkraut and Bacon Pizza: Ja wohl???


Sausage and Canadian Bacon Pizza: Pizza from our friend, Mr. Pig.


Cheesy Bacon Pizza Pockets: A quick and easy snack.


Avocado, Blue Cheese and Bacon Pizza: Pizza, California-style.


Clam and Bacon Pizza: I guess they call that ‘surf and sty’?


Mushroom Bacon Pizza


Bacon and Potato Pizza: Very Idaho.


Beef and Bacon Pizza: For meat lovers.


Chicken and Bacon Pizza: Cluck and muck.


BLT Pizza: Not so sure about mayo on pizza, but otherwise it sounds good!