There were two funny bacon-related items on Conan O’Brien tonight.


The first one was during the skit “Late Night SAT Analogies” that went like this:


CBS is to…Number 1 network with 3 of the top 5 shows as NBC is to…Number 1 network with 3 of the 5 letters that you use to spell “bacon”


I guess that’s kind of an insult to bacon, but funny (and true) nonetheless.


The second item came prior to Conan’s interview with Sacha Cohen, aka “Ali G.” Ali G recently conducted an interview with Pat Buchanan that went something like this:


Ali G: Does you think that Saddams ever was able to make these weapons of mass destruction, or as they is called, these BLTs?


Pat: Was Saddam able to make them?


Ali G: Could he make BLTs?


Pat: Yes, at one time he was using BLTs on Kurds in the north.


Ali G: Was it worth fighting a war over BLTs?


Pat: I don’t think Saddam Hussein and Iraq were a threat to the United States even if they had WMDs or BLTs, as long as they weren’t nuclear weapons.


You have to be familiar with Ali G to find the humor in this. But props to Conan for referencing bacon twice within 10 minutes!