This funny article that was originally published in the Sacramento Bee back in July (and republished in the Idaho Press Tribune today) is about the culture of eating at your desk. (Sorry – you have to register a username and password to access the story)


There is a particularly good part that talks about eating bacon at the office:


Linda Donato deserves another piece of pie for e-mailing the most succinct guideline for communal microwave use: “In my opinion, two things should not be cooked in the office microwave. Fish, because it smells too strong, and bacon, because it smells too good.”


“The bacon just makes you salivate,” she told us during a phone interview. Donato says that if you have the nerve to bring bacon, you should bring enough to share with everyone in the building.


That would be a lot of bacon. Donato, who is 53 and lives in Hollywood Park, works at the mammoth DMV complex near 24th Street and Broadway.


Amen, Linda. Amen.