The show “Las Vegas” on NBC is my Monday night guilty pleasure. I’m in love with Josh Duhamel’s character, Danny. And Las Vegas is one of my favorite cities in the world.


And tonight’s episode was made even better by an exchange about one of my other favorite things – bacon. It was over lunch between Danny and his dead father’s faux ex-girlfriend. It went like this:


Girlfriend: Cobb salad, extra bacon. Just like your father.


Danny: Well, it was his favorite


GF: Bacon brought Larry and me together.


Danny: Really, how is that?


GF: Well one afternoon I was at the buffet at Bally’s – it’s not fancy, but on Thursday afternoons…


Danny: Half price. I know. He’s been going since I was a kid – he used to take me all the time.


GF: Really?


Danny: Yeah.


GF: So, one Thursday, I’m in the buffet line. And Larry was in front of me at the salad bar taking all of the bacon bits.


Danny: Oh, he used to do that, it used to drive me nuts.


GF: And you know they make those bacon bits fresh there. It’s real bacon – it’s not that imitation – which makes it so great. And your father is hoarding all of them for himself. And I don’t know, I just lost it. I started screaming.


Danny: Really?


GF: Yes, I mean it was awful. I’m not proud of it. But I really wanted those bacon bits.


Danny: That’s understandable.


GF: I thought so! That’s when we met. Bacon.