I’m not a frequent camper, but I do occasionally enjoy a night out under the stars. And I think one of the best things about camping is waking up in the morning to make breakfast over the campfire.


So I’m not sure how I feel about Mountain House Precooked Eggs with Bacon. This is the description on Amazon:


“Now you can bring the eggs. Mountain House’s Precooked Scrambled Eggs with Bacon yields enough for two, half-cup serving. It’s the easy way to make breakfast. Just add boiling water to the pouch and watch the sun come up while you eat.”


I guess it’s not as messy and much easier to carry this pouch in your backpack instead of a carton of eggs, package of bacon, frying pan, etc. So before I judge, I’ve ordered a sample from Amazon to test it myself. I’ll follow up with another post once the results are in!