Don’t Forget the Bacon!
by Pat Hutchins


When I found this book on Amazon, I immediately bought several copies to give to all of my friends who have recently had a baby or are about to have a baby. But of course, before giving it to any of them, I had to read and review it myself!


At face value, the book is cute, it’s short enough that kids will enjoy it without getting bored, and it’s full of goofy words and phrases to entertain. But at the end of the book I was left with only one question…how in the hell did the kid forget the bacon??? I can understand forgetting the eggs, cake and pears…but the bacon??? Clearly he is the product of bad parenting. (SPOILER ALERT) At least they made him go back and get the bacon in the end!


All joking aside, it is a cute book and I will give it to my friend’s kids anyways. And hopefully they will learn a valuable lesson from it – DON’T FORGET THE BACON, EVER!!!