Maple Bacon Mallomore

Just when you can’t imagine what unusual bacon-themed creation will be invented next…along comes the maple bacon mallomore!   This is one product I was more than happy to sample and review. Maple Bacon Mallomores from Cakes Suzette are a lovely little treat comprised of a graham cracker, marshmallow and […]

Bacon Cookies, Pastries, Jerky and Dog Treats…Forever

I was recently introduced to the fine folks over at Bacon Forever who have carved themselves a little piece of the Bacon Empire by producing a unique line of bacon-themed products that includes bacon jerky, bacon & chocolate, bacon pastries, bacon cookies, bacon clothing AND don’t forget Fido…bacon dog treats. […]

This Year’s Best Bacon Christmas Tree Ornament

A couple years ago, I was browsing the interwebs and came across a wool felted bacon scarf that someone had created to sell on Etsy.   The scarves sold out quickly and the creator decided not to produce anymore, so I was never able to get my hands on one. […]