I was recently able to catch the rerun of No Reservations that took place in the Pacific Northwest.

This particular episode was significant for this blog because of Bourdain’s visit to Voodoo Doughnut where he encountered the infamous maple bacon doughnut.

From the show:
Anthony Bourdain: (looking at the maple bacon doughnut in the display case at Voodoo Doughnut) Is that bacon on top of that?

Cat Daddy, Co-Owner of Voodoo Doughnut: That is our world famous bacon maple bar. It’s just like pancakes, bacon, and maple syrup.

AB: It’s a doughnut. And bacon. Together.

AB: (voiceover) Cat Daddy and partner Trey Shannon have joined a perversely anarchistic world view with one of America’s favorite snack foods. Arise ye non-conformist doughnuts.

AB: (talking to Cat Daddy) Your favorite doughnut is?

CD: The old dirty bastard. Chocolate, oreos, and peanut butter.

AB: Ok, I have to have one of those.

AB: (tasting) Oh that’s great. Chocolate. Peanut butter. I kind of wish I was drunk before eating this.

AB: (looking at the bacon maple bar) But this. Only Elvis, like late era Elvis on medication would eat this. (taking a bite) I’m really ashamed of myself for liking this. I took a bite to be polite, I’m eating the rest because I’m liking it.


AB: (the next morning, flashing back to the day before) It’s a doughnut. And bacon. Together!

AB: (voiceover) I have an obsessive, some have even said addictive personality all my own. And during my short stay in the Pacific Northwest, already I’m reverting to what they call in 12 step “drug seeking behaviors.”

AB: (walking down the sidewalk) Come on, let’s go to Voodoo Doughnut again.

AB: (voiceover) My feet are taking me for something I need, deep in the reptile pleasure centers of my brain.

AB: (at the door of Voodoo Doughnut, which is closed) Nooooo! I need my maple bacon doughnut. I need my maple bacon doughnut!!!

Given Bourdain’s reaction to this unusual doughnut, it must have been pretty fantastic. Perhaps a reason to visit Portland sometime soon…