Bacon High School

How cool would it be to be a student at Bacon High School?! The only thing they didn’t get right is the mascot…the Spartans? I’m willing to bet a strip of bacon doing cartwheels would get the crowd pumped up more than some dude wearing a helmut and skirt.

Exploiting Bacon

France is a strange country. There are a lot of things about French culture that defy common sense. But one of the more disturbing things I’ve come across recently is the “solidarity movement” of a group called the Identity Bloc, whose mission is to fight multiculturalism in Europe. Apparently this […]

La Plat de Porc

Last week while in Brussels for work, I went to dinner with some colleagues at the infamous Belgian restaurant, Aux Armes de Bruxelles.   Most of us were offered the English menu that included standard items a tourist might want to experience at a traditional Belgian restaurant (ie mussels, croquettes, […]

Bacon Brittle

Cowboy Ciao is one of my favorite restaurants in Scottsdale, Arizona. So I was very excited when my order of Cowboy Ciao Bacon Brittle from The Grateful Palate arrived last week. After my positive experience with a bacon chocolate souffle at David Greggory last month, I was ready to try […]

Berner Würstel Revisited

I’m back in Vienna – home of the Würstel – for work this week. Prior to coming to Vienna, I spent last weekend skiing in the Austrian Alps at Kitzbühel. During one of my breaks from skiing, I sat on the patio of a mid-mountain lodge, enjoyed this fantastic view, […]

Bacon is Love

Thanks to one pathetic trolling asshole who has nothing better to do than sit in his mother’s basement and harass my precious blog, I am going to be moderating comments for a while. All non-inflammatory comments are welcome!

Desperate Bacon

Desperate Housewives just got hotter. This week, Lynette (Felicity Huffman) took on a bet in order to bring an end to fraternity pranks around the office between her boss and husband – the bet entailed her eating one pound of their client’s raw bacon. And she won the bet. Now […]

Bacon on Cafe Press

There are some interesting bacon-related things for sale on Cafe Press… Karl Rove Eats only Ham Hooded Sweatshirt Makin’ Bacon T-Shirt Don’t Forget…Extra Bacon! T-Shirt Bacon is Meat Candy Bacon: The Million Pig March

A Pork Barrel for Pork Research

Iowa State University recently received a $10 million grant for research towards sequencing the swine genome. The purpose of the project is to “improve swine health and to increase the efficiency of swine production.” “The project will lead to the development of new DNA-based tools to identify and select genetically […]