Bacon Wrapped Trout

The Stockyards Restaurant in Phoenix recently re-opened for business. Even though the refurbished restaurant has maintained a classic steakhouse menu, there are a few non-steak items on the menu worth trying. One of those items is the Bacon Wrapped Golden Trout. It is stream trout stuffed with wild rice, rock […]

Bacon, America

There are six towns in America named “Bacon” according to MapQuest, including one in my homestate of Idaho. Now I know where they claim Bacon, Idaho is located, and I can guarantee you there is nothing there, but at least the Gem State is paying proper respect to the best […]

Calling all cheeseheads…

If you can’t make it to Austria for the Gailtaler Speckfest…Augusta, Wisconsin has an annual “Bean and Bacon Days” celebrated each year the first week in July. And you can probably still get away with wearing lederhosen.