A Speck-tacular View

I just returned from a trip to Beaver Creek, Colorado for a final weekend of fall colors and warm weather before winter arrives (which it did on Sunday).   On Saturday afternoon, I had lunch on the patio of the Beaver Creek Chophouse at the base of the ski mountain. […]

Bacon Snack Bars

There aren’t many situations in which the use of bacon is inappropriate. But the editor of Empty Bowl describes his experience with Bacon Snack Bars that are made from peanut butter, bacon and Tang. I applaud his sense of adventure, but I’m not sure I’d need to actually taste these […]

Bacon for babies

Several of my friends have either recently had a baby or are about to have a baby. Which got me thinking…I wonder if there is such a thing as bacon flavored baby food. Everyone loves bacon, so why not start ’em young? However, after some quick research on the web, […]

Bacon for survival

I just came across an article on PalmBeachPost.com about foods you should stock up on prior to a storm. And bacon made the list! The type of bacon it refers to is shelf-stable bacon (such as Oscar Meyer Ready to Serve Bacon), which isn’t the best form of bacon but […]

Desktop Dining

This funny article that was originally published in the Sacramento Bee back in July (and republished in the Idaho Press Tribune today) is about the culture of eating at your desk. (Sorry – you have to register a username and password to access the story)   There is a particularly […]

Bacon and pizza

Bacon is one of the most under-rated toppings when it comes to pizza. Most pizza restaurants offer some sort of bacon topping – whether it’s regular bacon or Canadian bacon – but pepperoni or sausage usually get top billing.   So I decided to do some research on bacon-based pizzas. […]

Bacon Night on Conan

There were two funny bacon-related items on Conan O’Brien tonight.   The first one was during the skit “Late Night SAT Analogies” that went like this:   CBS is to…Number 1 network with 3 of the top 5 shows as NBC is to…Number 1 network with 3 of the 5 […]

In-flight bacon

There’s a great post over at Bacontarian about a very important issue – lack of recognition of “Bacontarianism” as a special meal category on airlines.   From Bacontarian: “This is my challenge: For the Bacontarian community to unite, and set forth to spread the good bacontarian diet to airlines around […]