Bacon Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

I love pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. They are my favorite. They are so moist and chewy and the pumpkin and cinnamon make them way better than regular chocolate chip cookies.   Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies are particularly good to eat around Halloween and Thanksgiving for obvious reasons. But I like […]

Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival

Do you love eating bacon? Do you love drinking PBR? Do you live in Iowa or have you been waiting for the right time to visit? If so, I’ve got the perfect event for you! New Event Celebrates Iowa’s Love Affair With Bacon on National Pig DayBlue Ribbon Bacon Festival […]

Bacon Nation Unwrapped: Infused, Stuffed, and Wrapped

Recent news from the Bacon Nation… The creators of Meat House are back with another construction project. This time it’s Meat Ship. Ahoy! The Bacon Nation’s quest to infuse alcohol with bacon continues with Bacon Vodka. Looking for a cheaper bacon booze alternative? Try Bacon Everclear instead. Bacon Wrapped Cheese […]

Bacon in Saveur Magazine (2/08)

I’ve added another magazine to the list of magazines I comb for bacon references on a monthly basis. The February issue of Saveur Magazine features their annual list of 100 favorite foods, restaurants, drinks, people, places, and things.   #33 on the list are edible weeds. The editor suggests following […]

Bacon Nation Unwrapped: Slaughter Time

Recent news from the Bacon Nation… Tofu vs bacon = armageddon? (thanks to reader Teena for the tip). Venison sausage made from bacon and a freshly killed mule deer sounds like a delicious winter treat. The folks at Wooly Pigs are about to slaughter some of their 400 pound Berkshire […]

Have you ever wondered what Vermont tastes like?

If you enter the word “bacon” into a Google search, you are presented with almost 46 million options. The search results also return a few sponsored links. One of those sponsored links is for Dakin Farm, a Vermont-based smokehouse that boasts of “smoked bacon to die for.”   Given that […]

Corona Chicken

Thanks to the Travel Channel, I had approximately five gazillion opportunities to catch reruns of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations over the holidays. And thanks to the writers’ strike, my Tivo didn’t have anything better to do than to record most of the episodes.   So this past weekend I was […]

Bacon Nation Unwrapped: A Bacon Love Affair

Recent news from the Bacon Nation… Fans of Chipotle take the restaurant’s lack of burritos with bacon into their own hands. WaPo food blogger Kim O’Donnel reveals her love affair with bacon. Chef Sean Brock visits Benton’s Country Hams.

Bacon in Bon Appetit Magazine (2/08)

In the February 2008 issue of Bon Appetit Magazine… King of Pork Bruce Aidells recommends a recipe for Coffee Marinated Bison Short Ribs braised with bacon. Fresh, locally grown winter vegetables are sometimes hard to find, but turnips are usually good this time of year and one way of preparing […]

Chex Mix, Bacon Unwrapped Style

A few weeks ago, The Pioneer Woman Cooks posted a recipe for homemade Chex Mix.   Reading it brought back fond memories of my youth when my mom would make this stuff in truckloads. She would then store the Chex Mix in large tupperware bowls and used Schwan’s ice cream […]